Toward and American Revolution By Jerry Fresia

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<Tab/>"We live in an undemocratic system that is a major source of terror and repression, both at home and around the world.... In fact, the Constitution was intended to ensure that only a few people would run the government and that they would be the few who would run the economy. The crisis confronting us, in other words, demands effective radical politics and a departure from many Constitutional values, assumptions, …

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…The doubt is false. We are activists. We are liberators. We are revolutionaries (197-8)." <Tab/>His original interpretation of the constitution, his emasculate writing-style, and his ability to incite fire within the reader proves that teachers/students/historians/and scholars have a lot to learn from Jerry Fresia. Toward and American Revolution does exactly what the title claims to. It exposes the constitution and other illusions.<Tab/>