Too Much Medicine for the Wrong Head

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Adolescent depression continues to be a growing American problem since its discovery in the 1970s. How exactly to treat this problem, however, is not a clear issue. For years the psychiatric community felt that psychotherapy was the best way to treat this growing epidemic. However, with the development of antidepressants, most famously Prozac, many people feel the problem is nearing a solution. Many psychiatrists believe these pills can be a quick and effective way to …

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…Thousands of people see unqualified doctors and are subsequently placed on antidepressants. After all, the mind is the home of personality. Nobody wants to take a chance with screwing up the very thing that makes them who they are if they are not ill. Bibliography Works Cited Herbst, Ann Colin. “What’s Wrong With Our Children?” Parents’ Magazine, Sept 1999. V74. i9, p108(5). (Herbst) Koch, Kathy. “Childhood Depression.” CQ Researcher, July 16, 1999. V9, i26. p593-616. (Koch)