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Pre-modern, modern, and post-modern leadership qualities are present in the New York Times article entitled, “God and Toothpaste.” Tom Chappell, the C.E.O. and co-founder of Tom’s of Maine, which produces personal-hygiene items also, preaches to be an environmentally safe company with the help of God. Tom Chappell shows pre-modern leadership by being master and doing things such as closing the company to gather at an off-site location to discuss the company’s …

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…s seal of approval for its fluoride toothpastes, shelling out about 10 times the usual sum because the company refused to test its products on animals. He is a visionary and preaches what he believes is right. He feels that how the workers feel about their role in the enterprise reflects, in many ways, on how they perform. His socially responsible capitalism views are what he believes is need in order to have a successful company.