To what extent,how and why Plato's and Aristotle's democracy differ from the modern conception of the democracy

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Reflection Paper Manjieva Edita To what extent, how and why, Plato and Aristotle's conception of democracy differ from the modern conception of democracy. Many of our ideas about democracy originated with the ancient Greeks. The Greeks roots of the world democracy are demos, meaning the "people" or, to put it in Aristotle's way, self-government by the many, as opposed to the few or the one. This is similar to Lincoln's definition: "government of the people, …

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…they are often the path to dissolution and disintegration when its members forget that they are not merely individuals with rights and liberties but also social beings with duties and obligations. 5 THE END. Literature: 1.The struggle for democracy (forth edition) Edward S. Greenberg, Benjamin 2.Great political thinkers (sixth edition) William, Alan Ebenstein 3.The world of democracy, Cambridge 1960, McPherson 4.The political theory, from ancients to moderns, AUK. 5.Democracy The unfinished journey 508BC to AD 1993, John Dunn