To what extent is the Nurse reponsible for Romeo's and Juliet's deaths? Shakespeare- Rome & Juliet

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Essay the nurse Most of the people who knew Juliet and her husband were rather involved in it. Nurse was also one of them. Nurse was an aged person who used to take care of Juliet since Juliet was a child. As Juliet's mother didn't had enough time for her child. Nurse was kind of her mother. She took care of her feelings, she never wanted to see her unhappy, or in any trouble. Nurse …

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…did wrong was that she arranged marriage for the two. She should not have done that. She knew something terrible can happen but still she listened to the children and told the priest (Friar) and they married. After all this I think that nurse is not completely responsible for the deaths but is partially. She was: not loyal, listened to the amateur children, a traitor, also sometimes caring about her job. She is partially responsible.