To what extent does the opening scene create a menacing effect on the remainder of the play

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"Romeo and Juliet", written by William Shakespeare, is the tale of two "star-crossed lovers" who must overcome many different tribulations in order to maintain a happy relationship. These troubles are primarily due to the ongoing conflict between the two households of the lovers. This family feud is very violent and at some points in the play the violence is so intense that it can become quite menacing to the audience. This menacing ambience is displayed …

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…he ran the risk of never seeing Juliet again, as he was aware of the words of the Prince in the exposition to the play. This would be a shock to the audience; they would not have expected this to happen as Romeo had been portrayed as being separate from the violence throughout the whole play. However, this would have also left the audience in anticipation to what events would be carried out after this.