To Say This is Enough

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Novels present different views about life. They often consist of stories about events that may be totally imaginary, or fictionally realistic. Writers usually write novels to present their ideas and comments about human behavior. Three literary works that poignantly shows their authors’ perceptions about life and human behavior are “The Lame Shall Enter First”, Joy Luck Club, and To Kill A Mocking Bird. Flannery O Conner shows what really matters in life in “The Lame …

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…the writers are able to relay these important messages. Faith, that the people might know the boundaries between science and God. Hope, which will enable individuals to have courage and “swallow” their tears. Lastly, agathism a dogma that lies causes a balance between optimism and pessimism is the last value related. Life is a healthy balance between of all three, and it is the writers responsibility to remind the readers about all of these beliefs.