"To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee. This essay is a modified speech of atticus's final statement in court. Goes for 3-4 minutes and is 1073 words in length

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Atticus's Last Statement Gentlemen of the jury, you have now heard both sides of the occurrence on the 21st of November 1932, it is quite clear that, that afternoon a disturbance occurred at the Ewell family property. The facts that have work their way out of the woodwork, clearly state that the plaintiff Ms Mayala Ewell was severely beaten on the right hand side of her body. Ms Ewell claims that …

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…let biased opinions of the community to cloud your judgment. This court promotes equality for every man. In this court you are the same as the man sitting next to you. I am sure you will find the defendant not guilty. The evidence does point to who is responsible for Mayala's injuries. Once again gentlemen of the jury, your decision, on the facts and not as a racial statement to the rest of the townspeople.