To KIll a Mocking Bird

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In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee tells a story to the readers by including a few families. Harper Lee first introduces the story with the Finches' family and the way they live. As she moves on, she shows readers there are other families like the Ewells, Cunninghams, and the Robinsons. Each of these families obviously behaves differently from the others. In fact, the readers can actually learn a lot about human nature …

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…nature like Atticus, who treats his family with love, care and respect. However, there are also people in this world who don't love or care for their family just like the Ewells. These people will regret about not loving and caring about their families very much later as family is something very precious. From the novel, readers can really learn and understand a lot about human nature by examining the family relationships in the story.