Title: "Should humans attempt to protect all species?"

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"Should human attempt to protect all species?" Introduction The discussion of whether humanity should attempt to protect all species started upon the recognition of the increasing harm humanity have brought upon the environment and the fear of mass extinction. Scientists are engaged in several efforts around the world to identify and number undiscovered species, and many environment laws, such as the Endangered Species Act of 1973, focus on preventing their disappearance or extinction. The term "biodiversity"…

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…lack to control over private land hindered the attempts to save endangered species. This is probably why ESA has only a low success rate of 1% of bringing endangered species back to a healthy size. However, even this low rate of success may not be due to the actions taken by ESA. Also, ESA may be accelerating extinction rate, as landowner's try to eliminate endangered species on their land so as not to lose their properties.