Title: Not Enough Smiley Faces this is a light hearted personal essay about addiction to AOL

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Not Enough Smiley Faces :-) =-O :-$ :- :-( :-* :-! :'( ;-) >:o :-[ :-X :-P 8-) O:-) :-D It all started with my bad habit of copying everything that my sister did. She always hated it, and now that I am older, I only wish she had done something to stop me before this plague completely disrupted my life. Not that it would have made a huge difference, but it would …

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…potentially fill my day. I slowly began to readjust; at first limiting myself to brief phone conversations and gradually moving on to face to face dialogue. It took months to reach a healthy state, although I cannot say I have truly recovered. I have come a long way since my introduction to AIM, and it has changed my life forever. My name is JrT18Benz, formerly an AIMaholic, now a proud graduate of AIM Anonymous.