Title:"Jesus Christ Is More Than A Word" Holistic Essay, with much criticism from instructors

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Holistic essay regarding miscellaneous speculation about Jesus Christ, not necessarily view of author.My writing teacher was disturbed and called me a "boob" for writing it. Title:"Jesus Christ Is More Than A Word" He sodomized sheep, Jesus Christ, the devil, Jesus Christ, the son of man. Jesus Christ was traumatized as a child due to the fact that he was separated from God, unable to communicate with Divinity until after his baptism (reads my …

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…question for ourselves. Lord, with the mounting scientific evidence, Jesus Christ, after 2000 years, may be finally defined. Each of us deals with the word in our own way. It is a good word, and a bad word. It is a stupid word. It is a smart word. It is a right word. It is the wrong word. It is only a word. It is more than a word. Jesus Christ is more than a word.