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Frank McCourt maintains his unique writing style throughout the recount of his childhood struggles in Angela's Ashes and his pursuit of the American dream in 'Tis. McCourt's tones of acceptance yet perseverance permeate both memoirs and shadow his relationship with his mother, Angela. Single-handedly raising Frank and his three brothers in an impoverished Irish town, Angela is forced to make ends meet however she can. Frank's upbringing in Angela's Ashes is filled with memories of …

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…higher level than its predecessor, because of the adult content and point of view. ‘Rags-to-riches' stories of young immigrants have always fascinated me, but Frank McCourt kept me spellbound. I feel as if a letter to thank McCourt for writing his life down for all to read and learn from would not be enough praise for this amazing man. In my letter I would mention both of his memoirs receive a ten in my mind.