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Was Malcolm X a leader or a bluff? In the year of 1960s, the civil right movement was at its peak. At this time, blacks were mistreated and discriminated against and because of that, the Negroes were searching for a leader who can change the status of blacks. What is a leader? A leader is, according to a dictionary, a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group. There is no …

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…who they were. He dared to speak truth against the lies of racism, to stand tall before the blows of hatred and oppression. When they died, they left examples of wisdom, courage, and spiritual tenacity that few leaders of any race have matched. He didn't die in vain because things have improved since his death. We see the growth of strong black middle class. Bibliography Haley, Alex and Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X.