Thucydides VS Melians Actions

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The text “The Melian Dialogue” is a documentary, written by Thucydides, of the statements made by the Athenians and the Melian in their pre-war discussions. The behaviors of the Athenians, during these talks, are inconsistent with the overall ideals of civic virtue expressed by Pericles in his ‘Funeral Oration’. This inconsistency is shown through actions of the Athenians against the Melians during their discussions, also the Athenian views on justice and why Athens is a …

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…prove Athens greatness. However, this does not dispute that the Athenians were inconsistent with Pericles views of civic virtue. The Athenians went against Pericles statements on the proper conduct of Athenians when working with others, their views on justice, and what made Athens great. Perhaps if the Athenians had been consistent with Pericles words, there would have been no bloodshed, and they would have gained the support of the Melians when dealing with the Spartans.