Thrown Into the Wilderness Identity, and Stigmas in Society Uses "Moses' Wilderness Tabernacle" by Miriam Peskowitz

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To peer into the heart of identity is to look into the soul of the self. To deny any stigma, one would oblige to refute integrity. Ultimately, the catharsis of this must be the rationalization that, to quote the bible, ?every man [or woman] falls short.? No human is perfect. People often assume that because they travel through the monotony of the mundane, they are normal. Everyone has a quirk. Quirks are what form identity, …

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…that encompasses the ?normal?s? stigma. This creates a nice little wash, just one stigma for another. To reason logic with the likes of Neanderthals and savages becomes tedious. Why not let everyone to his or her opinion and opt far a lassie faire attitude? There is no rhyme or reason for flying feathers and the festering wrath that warrants analytical debate over the issue. Be yourself; have fun. Further than that, figure it out.