Thoughts on Human Origins. Assignment: Describe your personal views on how modern humans came into existence. Provide justification for your beliefs.

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Thoughts on Human Origins When considering the origins of human life on this planet, I must rely on the observations of others to draw my conclusions. I was not there when the world began, when humans appeared, or when religious texts were written. Furthermore, I have not conducted my own scientific research on the subject, nor have I studied in great detail the research that has been done. Yet, I have come to believe in …

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…through the study of the Earth and the fossils it holds, as well as through direct observation, that would indicate that life on this planet has been evolving and changing for longer than I could even begin to fathom. Based on the information that I have now, I believe that humans, like all other animals on this planet, have evolved from other animals, and that we will probably continue to evolve as time goes on.