Thornhill, From Business Man to Hero in the 1959 movie "North by Northwest"

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Thornhill, From Business Man to Hero In the 1959 movie "North by Northwest," the main characters Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) and Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) go through a transformation of personalities and roles after being exposed to various situations. This Alfred Hitchcock thriller tells a tale about an advertising executive who is mistaken for an imaginary government agent, George Kaplan. This leads him through many complications including: getting kidnapped, driving drunk, being framed for murder, …

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…It is now up to Eve to control the situation and Roger has relies on her to help him. Now by the end of the movie, Roger is back in control and it is up to him to make things happen. Eve is now reduced to the helpless victim with her life on the line. As you can see, these two characters' roles have gone through a complete circle, ending up where they originally began.