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Haynes Gallagher Mr. Hill UM English Thoreau Essay Emergence of the Mind Thoreau is an example of self-reliance as defined by Emerson, and shows this by his life style. He lives for two years in the woods of Massachusetts reflecting of the self and how to improve it. For his work, he is a more literal and practical example of his philosophies then Emerson was with his high sighted ideals. Throughout his collection of essays, …

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…state, the bug emerges from the constrains of society (the table), and is beautiful. This is significant because the bug is a metaphor for Thoreau, or Thoreau’s lifestyle. It is a surprise coming out of an unexpected place, and is beautiful and strong, just like Thoreau’s philosophies. The bug represents the one who is alive and has fought through the “concentric layers” of life to reach the final state of simplicity. Bibliography None