Thomas Robert Malthus and The Industrial Revolution A historical biography that also explains how Thomas Malthus impacted the Industrial Revolution in England.

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Thomas Robert Malthus In Dorking, Surrey, England, Thomas Robert Malthus was born, on February 17, 1766. He grew up in an elegant country estate called, "The Rookery," and went by his middle name Robert. Robert was he son of Daniel Malthus, a country squire and friends of Jean-Jacques the philosopher. With his father's teachings of Rousseauvian, Robert had the question of society brought upon him at an early age. In fact, during a debate with his father …

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…this work, Robert added moral restraint, or abstinence as another check. And to help nature in it's combat with overproduction, lack of resources for the rising population, and irresponsibility of the lower classes, by regulating poor families' produce of children, abstinence, and no marriage. And though some ridiculed and scorned the radical ideas of Thomas Robert Malthus, it was still acknowledged as the first earnest, economic study of the well being of the lower classes.