Thomas Jefferson: Hypocrite or patriot? Further: Was the purchase of the Louisiana Territory an act that went back on all of Jefferson's beliefs?

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"I pledge allegiance to the flag... and to the republic for which it stands". Two hundred million Americans speak these hallowed words, yet they embody more than a simple repetitive verse. In fact, Francis Bellamy's immortal pledge has the power to refresh disheartened Americans and remind them of one important truth: first and foremost, a patriot will seek the improvement of the American republic. The president among all others must hold this truth to be …

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…the possibility that it may be viewed as hypocrisy. Once elected, no action can be taken, until one important step is completed: every president must swear his allegiance to the country America, not to the Republican or Democratic Party. Jefferson's choices did not make him a hypocrite, because his beliefs aligned parallel to those of the people, for whom he worked tirelessly. He deserves praise as a man that put his country ahead of himself.