This was a 5 min. oral presentation on the Ancient Roman Family. It breifly covers most aspects of Roman Family structure.

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Family life was very important to the Romans, whether they were rich or poor. The family was, in a sense, a miniature version of the empire. The same values that were expected of people in society were expected and taught at home, within the family. The paterfamilias was the emperor of his household, and the emperor was the father of Rome. Roman Family structure was not quite the same as a modern day family unit. …

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…family was very important to the Romans, their whole society was based on the same belief systems that the family upheld. This talk has not nearly covered all that there is to know about the Roman family structure. I did not even touch on the patron-client relationships, nor did I deal with slaves in the family. Nevertheless, I hope it was still informative and useful. This crossword summarises most of what I have just said.