This piece is arguing why classic literature should not be read so often by younger children, as they don't appreciate the full values of it, and how it can be useless to modern-day society.

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Classic literature Dear minister of education, I am writing to discuss the issue of classic literature being read in schools. I personally think that classic literature should not be read in schools because most of the children these days find it hard to appreciate the style and the manner that they are written in. Because children don't appreciate and enjoy them, they are not as likely to do as well in an essay as they …

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…be like and what language they use to speak in, but this is not relevant to there education, and to the general skills they need to possess when the choose to leave school. Quiet a lot of children are told that they need to improve their speech, so I ask you, what is the point trying to teach them the old language when they still need to improve the way we speak today. Yours sincerely