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Stone Cold. The Undertaker. Grandmaster Sexay. The Rock. Y2J. Do these sound more like the names that you would find in a children's cartoon strip, rather than the copyrighted property that is the foundation of a multimillion dollar global corporation, whose product attract over 7 million viewers every week? As crazy as that concept is, you have to look no further than Stamford, Connecticut and the glass encased building on Interstate 95 that houses the World …

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…media mogul Ted Turner and Turner Enterprises, had long competed head to head with WWF for the same fans, advertising money and endorsement. By purchasing the financially fledgling corporation, Vince McMahon had essentially won the war and now controls the entire wrestling industry for mainstream viewers. For this very reason, it is easy to conclude that, with 6 million viewers per week, WWFE is in great financial shape and should be profitable for years to come.