This paper is all about jitter and wander on a transmission line. it contrasts the difference of jitter and wander

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Jitter is variability in latency, or delay. Jitter is also the tendency towards lack of synchronization caused by mechanical or electrical changes. It is the phase shift of digital pulses over a transmission medium (Newton's Telecom Dictionary, 18th Ed.). In lemans terms, jitter is the short term "shaky" pulses or slight movement in time or phase that can introduce errors and loss of synchronization on an amplitude modulated signal. If there is jitter on a …

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…or clicks on a voice circuit; fax machines could lose scan lines; modems can disconnect and video conferencing can be impaired by frame jumps. Although these errors are a nuisance, they can still be trouble shot and repaired. A T-Berd can identify the errors and help to figure out a solution for the problem. Copper spans can be replaced; repeater can be put on a line; clocks can be synchronized and equipment can be replaced.