This paper gives a brief biograpghy of Thomas Watson Jr. and how he built IBM into the company it is today.

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Jeremy Daniel Business Research Paper CIS 110 Thomas J. Watson Jr.: IBM Savior Many of us choose to live through life just wishing that somehow we could have it all. Wishing that we could wake up on top of the world and have no worries or no struggles. I guess you could say that scenario fits Thomas J. Watson Jr. except for the fact that he worked/started from the bottom and then took over for …

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…the company. He took chances that could have broken the company into and infant amount of pieces but instead he lucked out and his vision for the company took off and his many goals were slowly accomplished. Jr. took IBM and the world into the computer age and in the process he developed a company that stood for everything good and bad about the rapidly growing corporate America. He made IBM what it is today.