This is an essay comparing and contrasting a sci-fi, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and a western, The Way West.

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2001: A Space Odyssey vs. The Way West By Electrostasis The "Final Frontier" is something that people all around the world have been seeking out from the beginning of time. As citizens of this planet we like to call Earth, there have always been barriers that we have had to overcome. Be it the invention of the wheel or the innovation of the nuclear reactor, all was thought impossible until completed. Barriers have never stopped us …

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…The Way West had many similarities and differences. Both pioneers and astronauts had to deal with transportation issues, communication issues, and mental issues. These two books both had the same basic lesson in them and were written in a similar fashion. There are many massive obstacles that we must overcome as the human race. We cannot become overwhelmed by the vastness of these obstacles, but instead believe that we can overcome and we will persevere.