This is an essay about "12 Angry Men", by Reginald Rose. It describes juror 6 and the cons of the Jury System.

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Juror 6: In the story "12 angry Men", by Reginald Rose, juror six is described as an honest but slow man, one who finds it difficult to create a positive opinion, and is often listening and slowly trying to understand the opinions of others, rather then forming his own. In the text of the play, we can find examples of many of these characteristics of juror six and even more that were not given to us by …

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…play, even when eleven of the men voted for not guilty, juror three did not agree with them and wanted to call a hung jury because of this. Even though juror three eventually decided to agree with the rest of the jury, if it was a real life situation the boy's innocence probably would have never been discovered and it would have been called as a hung jury when the vote was six to six.