This is about the Flapper Era (1920's) and the sexual revolution for women when they became independent and started in the workforce.

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Bathtub gin, speakeasies, hot jazz, the Charleston. . . A wild era, a romantic era. Thorougly modern. In the 1920's, hope sprung afresh from the battlefields of Europe, a new freedom. The United States had been engaged in a major European war and had been on the winning side. The farmboys returned home, itching to live in the city. Flappers were bobbing their hair, rolling down their stockings, raising their hemlines and wearing makeup. The "sexual revolution" …

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…doctor, an actress, or your average stay at home mother. Women have always been a part of history, whether they submit to being carbon copies slaves to what society once expected, or fearless rebels in short skirts who stir up controversy like you would a glass of scotch, women have helped form the world as it is today, with their own words and actions towards this movement, without the help of a big, strong man.