This is a short 1 page biography on Timothy Leary. It explains his life from birth to death.

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Timothy Leary (1920-1906) Timothy Leary was born on October 22,1920. He believed that all people should drop out of the war,work and school and everyone should do hallucinogens. In 1955 R. Gordon Wasson discovered the first psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico. (Main chemical in LSD). Five years later Timothy Leary tries his first psilocybin mushrooms. This catches his interest and he decides to do research on the chemical. He begins his job as a professor at Harvard. …

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…starts to fade away, he writes a book called "Mind Mirror". On December 3,1996 Leary died in his bed, in his home. His ashes were sent up to space in a rocket and set free outside the earth's atmosphere. Timothy Leary was not a bad guy. A lot of people liked him for what he did. Even though we consider LSD such a bad drug now, it was like a part of people's life back then.