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What is insanity? One might ask this question some time through out their life. Insanity is madness, the state of being insane. In Wuthering Heights, Bronte uses insanity to make many points throughout the novel. This theme of insanity will be used to discuss all the unconventional things that Heathcliff does in the novel Wuthering Heights. Also, the three main feelings that could drive oneself to insanity will be confabulated, Obsession, Grief, and Revenge. The …

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…in such deep love, that a person would go to any extreme to be with the one person is seen as crazy. However, others may say that insanity is the loss of ones mind. Whether insane, or not insane, the theory of insanity had a great effect on the outcome of the novel Wuthering Heights. Without insanity, Bronte wouldn't have been able to the extremely interesting life, and mystery to the characters in her novel.