This is a report over alchol and alcholism.

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Beer/Alcoholism/and Alcoholics Anonymous I would like to talk to you about Beer/Alcoholism/and Alcoholics Anonymous First thing that I want to talk about is beer and how it is made. Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink there is. It was made back in 4,000 BC. Today, the world drinks about 30 billion gallons a year. Beer is made of yeast, water and hops and some other ingredients. Beer has a 2-6 % alcohol content. Manufacturers …

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…ways that the brain works in an alcoholic compared to a non-alcoholic. Alcohol effects the body in many ways it affects the brain, heart, lungs, liver and many other things. Alcoholic Anonymous is a group of men and woman who help each other get over their addiction to alcohol. Alcoholic Anonymous started in 1935 and there are groups in over 130 countries. Its total number of members exceeds 85,000 in the United States. Remember, don't drink and drive.