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Stein, Joel (2003). "Root Canals Are Better With a Foot Massage." Time, 155 SUMMARY The article concerns the lack of dentistry visits in America today. Dr. Lorin Berland's, a dentist in Dallas, believes he may have found a solution to this problem. He thinks dental appointments should be less about pain and drilling and more about relaxation, foot massages, and soothing aromatherapy-composing a spa-like experience on dentist visits. This idea soon spread to an increasingly number of …

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…of the Spa Dentists, but he wasn't clear about the cost of visiting one would be. This article might persuade more wealthy people into its office, but I don't think its a very efficient solution for the lack of patients that they aren't treating. Perhaps they should try lowering the cost of regular checkups and cleaning to suit the mainstream working class family rather than wasting money on professional massage therapists and aroma therapy sessions.