This is a physics lab report on finding the spring constant (k). It includes many tables and charts of data.

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Lab: Finding the Spring Constant (k) I.Question/Purpose What is Hooke's Law, and what does it have to do with k? Objectives: Determine the spring constant of a spring, Calculate the elastic potential energy, Calculate gravitational potential energy, Determine whether mechanical energy is conserved in an oscillating spring. II.Materials List Meterstick, Set of masses, and Support stand and clamp III.Hypothesis In order to estimate the spring constant (k), one must first understand …

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…less, and the distance of the stretched spring is less, then there is less gravitational potential energy. I enjoyed working on this lab, because it gave us a hands-on chance to work with the spring constant (k). The lab helped me more fully understand the meaning of the spring constant, how it changes, and what its value means. The lab was fairly simple to conduct, and followed along with the sheet close to the guidelines.