This is a paper on the basic life of Geoffrey Chaucer, and the fundamental concepts of his composition "The Canterbury Tales".

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Goeffrey Chaucer was a significant writer in the late 1300's who's pre-Shakespearean works marked him as the most influential and predominant author/poets in his time. Although most of his life was dedicated to his career, his latest and most reputable piece of literature, The Canterbury Tales, has managed to secure a place in literary history. Most of Geoffrey Chaucer's life was spent looking to advance his political career. He served in the army, as …

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…a total of over one hundred tales. However, Chaucer only completed twenty-four tales, which is not even one tale for each pilgrim. . Chaucer's collection of stories combine different genres of literature with imaginative style and creative ideas to conjoin literary perfection with entertainment value. Despite the incompleteness of the book, The Canterbury Tales united to hold strong for centuries, and still prevail as one of the most significant pieces of literature from the Middle Ages.