This is a critique of a speech given by Spiro Agnew in Des Moines about journalism ethics.

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Jenna HeckerAgnew Critique Kent3/5/02 Spiro Agnew was not a bad man. Spiro Agnew wanted a world that was positive and filled with patriotism and pride. Spiro Agnew's downfall was his naiveté, he could not make the cognitive jump to see what ramifications his proposals would have if actually set into motion. News without opposition or critique could perhaps work if the general populace had a comprehensive understanding of the political world. Unfortunately we as a …

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…fails to remember that the media can only present what they have found, or else face libel. The media must answer to the government. Agnew himself acknowledges that he has just presented concerns. "I have made no attempt to suggest answers" says Agnew "those answers must come from the media men." He wants the media to be ethical. For someone with such a grasp of ethics he seems to have no problem evading taxes, though.