This is a Guide to ice fishing

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A guide to Ice Fishing When Ice fishing, its important to choose the right clothes, stay safe, bring the right tools and bait, and remember if you aren't going to fry, broil, boil, or just plain eat the fish than release them! The object of choosing clothes for ice fishing is to dress to stay warm in any type of weather. You can always peel off layers if you're too hot, but you can't add …

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…for oxygen. This helps make catch and release easy! Remember to handle the fish quickly and gently; do not squeeze the fish. Use needle nose pliers to remove a lip hook. If the fish has swallowed the hook, cut the line and it will dissolve inside the fish in a short time. Ease the fish back into the water, don't throw it. Next time you catch that big one, you'll be glad you recycled others!