This essays decribes the effects that Charlemagne (Charles the Great) had on Christianity in the 8th century AD. It includes interesting facts and some personal opinions.

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Charlemagne (Charles the Great) In my opinion, Charlemagne accomplished many beneficial things for the church and deserves the praise he has received for his actions. Although not everything he did was perfectly Catholic, in general his intentions were good. He achieved much more than previous empires in terms of uniting Christendom and protecting the Pope. It's interesting to note that Charles was not next in succession for the kingship. His father Pepin, had given Pope …

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…Gregorian chant. He also used the church as a basis to develop just laws. In conclusion, Charles was responsible for the expansion of Christendom throughout the Western Empire, protection of the church countless times, and advancements in the church as an institution. He deserves more praise and attention. Most important, he founded the idea of a Europe of many races and cultures held together under a common religion, an idea that still has influence today.