This essay is on the life of St John The Baptist.

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St John The Baptist St John the Baptist was born in ain-karim a town south west of Jerusalem in 4bc. He was the son of the priest Zacharias and Elizabeth. He lived as a hermit in the desert of Jordan until he was 30 when he began to preach on the banks of Jordan against the evil of the times. He attracted large crowds of people. When Jesus came to him, he recognised him as the …

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…or indulge in human pleasures. He lived in the wilderness wearing rugged clothes and living on locust and wild honey. St John was a kind Noble man. He lived a good life. He tried to bring people closer to God. He teaches us to be a better person by giving and sharing and living without every pleasure. His Feast Day is June 24th and the feast of his death is celebrated on the 29th August.