This essay is about the upcoming war against Iraq. In the essay, I analyze President George W. Bush's fallacies in explaining his urge for war.

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Yesterday night, I was in a fierce dispute with my American friends about a war against Iraq. They advocated for the war as they pointed out some "good old reasons" about Iraq being a haven for Al-Quaeda as well as many other terrorist association or the Nuclear-Biological capacity of Hussein. Mostly, they support President Bush's "evil triangle" theory. Some even went as far as they stated that the notorious Chamberlain-Hitler scenario will repeat itself if …

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…War must be the decision of the whole people, united behind its leaders. No leader, no matter how well meaning, has a right to send pride of American youth into war without American's conformed consent. Anything less is a treachery and betrayal. Henceforth, instead of having continuously shifted ground in explaining its advocate for the overthrow of the government of Saddam Hussein, the Bush Administrator needs to be franker and more honest to American people.