This essay is about the affect of human changes to the environment. It uses two cases: the inncident at Cherenobyl and the draining of the Aral sea.

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Throughout history, geography has affected the people that inhabit it. Geography has affected how people live, their culture, and their type of society. To make life easier, people have often altered the land they live on. Sometimes these changes can damage the land and the people that live there. There are several examples of societies changing the environment to benefit their lives. Two cases of this are the Chernobyl' accident and the draining of the …

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…The airborne salt also causes problems with crops and damages them. In the end, the irrigation indirectly made it harder for crops to grow in the area. Both of the changes that society made to their environment had great benefits at the time. The changes made life simpler and easier; at the same time, both produced very serious consequences. When the environment is changed by society, it changes their lives as well as the land.