This essay is about how blood imagery relates to the mental degeneration of the Macbeths'.

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The Macbeths' minds slowly deteriorate as more and more blood is shown. The blood shed in the beginning of the book was shown as an honourable act for the loyal soldier, Macbeth. Although, as time progresses, more blood is spilled; the murder of King Duncan reveals the true evilness of the couple. Later on, Macbeth and the Lady become more insane and Macbeth even kills his friend, Banquo and as for Lady Macbeth, her lunacy …

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…a doctor to heal her. In conclusion, blood imageries are the cause of the mental deterioration of the couple. Macbeth becomes overwhelmed with power and he loses control of himself and even kills his own friend. Lady Macbeth, who is supposedly the civilized person kills herself, just to get away from the pain. Overall, all the blood that Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have seen, has, in the end, caused them to become paranoid and crazy.