This essay is a photo journal based on the photographer, Edward Weston (1886-1958).

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Advanced Photography Advanced Photography Final Exam Photo Journal using a Famous Photographer Edward Weston (1886-1958) Edward Weston, an American photographer, born in Highland Park, Illinois, began to photograph at his aunt's farm and in Chicago parks when he was sixteen years old with a Kodak Bulls-Eye #2 camera his father had given him. In 1903 Weston first had his photographs exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute. Weston attended the Illinois College of Photography. Four years later he …

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…water, and human faces are considered to be among the finest of 20th-century photographic works; their influence on modern art remains inestimable. He often used extreme close-ups to create a semiabstract quality, as in his famous studies of green peppers. Weston was principally concerned with the world of nature. He made important series of photographs of such subjects as seashells, tree stumps, eroded rocks, and landscapes, as well as vegetables. He also photographed female nudes.