This essay explains how Arthurian legends and current movies, like Spiderman, all use the motif of Concealing Identities.

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Arthur Revisited: Concealed Identities Everybody's wanted to be somebody else some time or the other in their life. Why do people want to be somebody else? What is it about hiding behind a mask and concealing your identity that is so appealing that it is featured in works of literature from a 15th century medieval story by Sir Thomas Mallory, to a 20th century retelling of the Arthurian legend by T.H. White, to a …

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…to be someone else in this situation, he can weed out the fake people and find the truly good-hearted among the peoples. Concealed identities are a constant reoccurring motif in many different types of literature, from film to novel. It is a topic that can be spread throughout such wide grounds because it is a theme that will constantly appeal to audiences everywhere, because sometime in our life, we all want to be somebody else.