This essay describes how "Snow in August", written by Pete Hamill, incorporates the uses of fairy-tale elements in the novel.

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The novel Snow In August, by Pete Hamill, incorporates many elements commonly found in a fairy tale, first imposed on us at the beginning of the book, which starts off, "Once upon a time..." The first element, advantageous coincidence, can be seen when Michael Devlin is on his way to church. He is battling his way through a blizzard when he hears someone calling him. Michael responds to the hollering man, Rabbi Hirsch, and eventually …

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…committed. The other is that a passionate belief in something will lead to success. For example, Michael's desire to not be overcome by the Falcons encouraged his efforts to keep being friends with the rabbi and his belief in God helped Michael to summon the Golem, thus bringing about the demise of Falcons. In conclusion, the author uses these six elements commonly associated in fairy tales to reinforce, as described, the plot of the story.