This essay compares the writing styles of Edgar Allen Poe and Washington Irving in relation to the atmospheres in which they grew up.

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Washington Irving and Edgar Allen Poe's writing contain many similarities, both writers being from the Romantic Era. There are also a few differences in their styles that distinguish then from each other. Their extremely different backgrounds and life styles growing up is a reason for their different outlooks on life, therefore leading to different ways of expressing their selves. Washington Irving was born into a very wealthy family. Born in New York City, he began …

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…him that he will be with his love "nevermore", brings upon his despair. In the literature by Washington Irving and Edgar Allen Poe the aspects of their upbringings and lifestyles affect the style of writing they choose to pursue. Irving, having a better life and more money brings more happiness into his writing. Poe, being poor during his life, and losing so many loved ones, brings a sense of depression into all of his works.