This essay analyzes the different conflicts experienced by the characters in the novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God"

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The novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, centers on an important theme; that personal discoveries and life experiences help a person find themselves. The characters in this novel go through many different conflicts during the course of the story. These conflicts vary from problems with themselves, other people, society, and even nature. This essay will discuss a few points of conflict in the story. This novel seems to be largely based upon Janie's relationships with …

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…jury found her not guilty. In conclusion, based on the different conflicts in the novel you can say this book is very controversial. It not only encompasses the four main types of literary conflict; it has its own unique ironies mixed into the plot also. In turn, because of this the scenario or story line of this novel develops amazingly well. Overall, this well written novel will keep you interested in what will happen next.