This a overview of Anthrax, its effects and remedies

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The anthrax vaccine was developed using rhesus monkeys. The vaccine for humans was completed in the US during the 1950s. FDA approval of the vaccine followed in 1970. Besides its military application, the vaccine has been used consistently to vaccinate those most likely to be exposed to the disease, such as lab workers, veterinarians and people working in the livestock industry. Severe reactions to the vaccine are reported to be less than 1 per cent. The anthrax …

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…far, BioPort hasn't produced one dose of usable vaccine, putting at risk a U.S. commitment to inoculate virtually all its service men and women. The Defense Department says it will run out of vaccine in July unless the Food and Drug Administration certifies that doses produced before hiring BioPort are still safe and effective. The inoculations are protection against anthrax weapons the U.S. believes could be produced by North Korea, Iraq or Iran.