Things Fall Apart by Achebe

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Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe's novel "Things Fall Apart" brings to mind a number of questions. Were the missionaries merely doing their moral duty as Christians by spreading the word of God to the Ibo? Or were they wrong in the fact that they invaded a society that never wanted to hear the word of God? The Europeans condemned the Ibo people as "barbarians" and "savages," which were justifiable by the European religious and social …

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…he will be persecuted for following his religions standards. The Europeans should have never colonized the world as they did. If they had not, the world would have expanded much slower, and possibly it would not be in the dire straights it is in right now. By interjecting Christianity into the Ibo culture in the fashion the Europeans used, it ruined all the things the Ibo could have given to the rest of the world.