Themes of Italian Renaissance Art

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As the fourteenth century ushered out the Middle Ages in Italy, a new period of cultural flowering began, known as the Renaissance. This period in history was famous for its revival of classical themes and the merging of these themes with the Catholic Church. These themes of humanism, naturalism, individualism, classicism, and learning and reason appeared in every aspect of the Italian Renaissance, most particularly in its art. Humanism can be defined as the idea …

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…and for learning and reason, it was The School of Athens. It was these themes, which dominated every other aspect of the Renaissance, that dominated the artistic aspect. Works Cited Barrett, Maurice. Raphael. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1965 Calder, Ritchie. Leonardo and the Age of the Eye. New York: Simon, 1970 Coughlan, Robert. The World of Michelangelo: 1475-1564. New York: Time-Life, 1966 Flemming, William. Arts and Ideas. Fort Worth: Harcourt, 1995 Walace, Robert. Fra Anglelico and His Work. Chicago: Williamson, 1966